The Pre-1941 Triumph Motor Cycle Pages

From Peter Cornelius - Triumph Specialist for the VMCC - of Britain.

During my many years of research to replace the lost records of the Triumph Cycle Company I have 'unearthed' much never seen before information regarding the Triumph Works and the people involved in the company, from its various Managing Directors down to a lowly carpenter.

Along with some previously unseen pictures of the very early Triumph Works I have woven together the Works, its people, and its manufactured products (pedal-cycles, motor cycles and cars) into a Story which takes readers through from the birth of the founder right through to the company's final collapse due to bankruptcy.

I make this NEW insight of Triumph available to today's owners of those products, Veteran, Vintage and Post-Vintage, as a set of booklets in a format to match the A5 size of my earlier booklets, which cover in detail the individual motor cycles of Triumph.
Although intended to be read from beginning to the end, and I offer a complete set at slightly lesser cost, I am prepared to send individual booklets for those who might be only interested in a particular period of Triumph's history.

As with my other booklets, I have attempted to keep the costs of these booklets to a minimum, for I've not been hammering away at my PC keyboard for profit, and please bear in mind that quoted prices include Air Mail postage, and reflect the number of pages.

The following list of booklets I have priced in UK Pounds, however a transfer is acceptable to my Bank in New Zealand. I can also accept payment by Paypal. I cannot accept VISA or other credit cards.

Peter Cornelius,
9 Strachan Place,
Rangiora 7400,
New Zealand.

The Definitive "Triumph Story"

Due to the long-term drop in the UK Pound, while the NZ Dollar remains strong,
I have had no choice but to make significant increases in the UK prices.

Part 1 -     1863 - 1906 £11-00
From Siegfried Bettmann's birth through the difficult early bicycle years
to motor cycle assembly and Triumph's own produced machines.
It includes the various initial companies and manufacturing facilities at
London and Coventry.

Part 2 -     1907 - 1912 £11-00
Sporting years, and Triumph's reputation for quality and reliability spreads.
Rumblings of internal conflicts! Introduction of the "Trusty" name.

Part 3 -     1913 - 1919 £11-00
Into the war years and the introduction to a new name, who would eventually
bring about Triumph's downfall.

Part 4 -     1920 - 1928 £11-00
Post war depression and new problems for Triumph. Financial troubles
and the bike which brought Triumph back from the brink.
Cars! A visit to Agents in India. New colours.

Part 5 -     1929 - 1934 £11-00
Totally new ranges of motor cycles and cars.
A look inside the Coventry Works.
The Great Depression. Siegfried Bettmann resigns.

Part 6 -     1935 - 1940 £ 7-00
The motor cycle business changes hands,
but Triumph cars continue - into liquidation!

The Complete Set, if requested at the
same time, is available for £55-00

Reviews and Feedback Comments
Review of The Triumph Story Part 1 1863-1906 by Pat Davy at the VMCC Library and printed in the VMCC Journal for September 2008
Paperback published by the author at 9 Strachan Place, Rangoria, New Zealand.
Peter Cornelius, the VMCC Triumph Marque Specialist for the period 1920-1933, has produced a series of 19 A5 booklets entitled 'Triumph - The Facts' which cover every model from 1901 to 1934 with the exception of Val Page’s 1934 designs. These booklets are invaluable to a restorer and owner averaging out around 40 pages and £8.50 each inclusive of postage. Having virtually exhausted all there is to know about the machines in his period of specification Peter has now begun to realise a long held ambition by embarking on a complimentary series covering the business history of the company and the men behind the machines.
The first in this series The Triumph Story Part 1 1863 - 1906 is laid out in an unusual manner which will, I believe, continue through the series. The pages are not only numbered but also dated which is a boon when 'dipping in' for historical facts and together with dated events concerning Triumphs contemporary events are described which may at the time have had an influence on the development of Triumph and social trends affecting their customer base.
From 1903 onwards Triumphs involvement in trials and competition is addressed in some detail as it is shown to be a major factor in their success. By the time 1906 is reached on page 49 the reader is left hungry for Part 2 and what follows.
If the book continues with the same amount of personal as well as business detail it will surely be regarded as a definitive work.

Feedback from readers -
"Very much enjoying the booklets - put me down for the full volume of the Story when it is released as one book!"
(Model P and Story Part 4.)
(It isn't one book as I have maintained the original booklet format.)

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