The Pre-1941 Triumph Motor Cycle Pages

From Peter Cornelius - Triumph Specialist for the VMCC - of Britain.

Please note that this is NOT a 'for sale' commercial page.

The items listed here are simply requests for items to complete a restoration or keep a machine on the road; and items which owners have advised me at some time that they have surplus to requirements which might be of use to someone else rather than simply sitting on a shelf
or in a box.
It is up to an individual if they require their e-mail address to be added, in the knowledge that malicious software scans web sites in order to collect addresses for subsequent scam distribution.

I shall date when an item is listed.

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In Need Of

C range footrests, hangers/complete or parts. Also primary chaincase lower half.
E-mail David at
(August '14)

Surplus to Requirements or Remanufactured

For Early Models -
Timing cover and Cylinder base Gaskets cut. (Remanufactured)
(The timing cover gasket also suits early BSA, and probably also Veloce engines.)
E-mail Doug at (Australia)
(September '15)

For 1925 Models, plus earlier and later -
Front number plates, with circular tax disc holder. (Remanufactured)
E-mail David at (Australia)
(October '12)

For 1925 to '28 Models, plus more if a pattern or original can be provided -
Mudguards, Currently for Models P and N de Luxe/NL, but see above. (Remanufactured)
E-mail Michael at (Australia)
(July '17)

For 1929-31 Models CO and CTT -
Cast alloy push rod covers. (Remanufactured)
E-mail Mark at (Australia)
(December '13)

For 1929-32 C-Series Models -
Laser cut front and rear engine plates. (Remanufactured)
E-mail Brian at (Australia)
(October '16)

For 1928/29 Models N de Luxe, 1929/30 Model WS, and 1928-30 vertical engined NSD -
Heel operated auxilliary oil pedal. (Remanufactured)
E-mail Ondrej at (Czech Republic)
(November '16)

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