The Pre-1941 Triumph Motor Cycle Pages

From Peter Cornelius - Triumph Specialist for the VMCC - of Britain.

Near the end of the last Century (gosh, I'm older than I thought!) my wife broke the news to me that I wasn't going to live forever, and that I should document what I have learnt of the early Triumphs.
Having got over the initial shock of her proclamation, as I had other plans for my life, I realised that what she had said made sense; for over the years I have known so many depart 'the Triumph road', and what was in their heads has gone with them.
Thus from 1999/2000 I have been producing a series of A5 size booklets (small books) covering all individual models which Triumph made between 1902 and 1934, less the 1934 Val Page machines.

These I have named "THE FACTS", for an owner once responded to the assistance I had given him with, "Over the years many people have given me advice, but you are the only one who has ever given me FACTS."
I have also taken the opportunity with these booklets to expose some of the many myths regarding Triumph motor cycles and the personalities behind them, which are still being propagated from one Triumph book author to another, until readers become to accept them as true.

I have attempted to keep the costs of these booklets to a minimum, for I've not been hammering away at my PC keyboard for profit, and please bear in mind that quoted prices include Air Mail postage,
and reflect the number of pages.
The following list of booklets I have priced in UK Pounds, however a transfer is acceptable to my Bank in New Zealand. I can also accept payment by Paypal. I cannot accept VISA or other credit cards.

The booklets must be proving popular and to satisfy a need, for at a count at the beginning of 2019 there were over 2,300 around the world, dispersed amongst the 47 countries where I currently have knowledge of surviving Triumphs.

Owners requesting copies of booklets are requested to include engine number and letters, frame number, and if possible gearbox number, of their machines and spares in order to further assist with my researches into Triumph's production of the individual models. (All info. kept in the strictest confidence.)
Each print run is limited in order to keep costs down and depending upon demand there could possibly be a short delay in sending.

Peter Cornelius,
9 Strachan Place,
Rangiora 7400,
New Zealand.

The Facts Booklets
Due to the long-term drop in the UK Pound, while the NZ Dollar remains strong, but with increasing postal charges
I have no choice but to make increases to the UK prices.
The Early Models (less the Model LW, Baby) (a 2-part set)1901-1915£29-00
The Model LW (Junior/Baby)1913-1926£14-00
The Models H and TT Roadster D1915-1924£18-00
The Model SD (and German T and T II)1920-1927£16-00
Racing Years. The Ricardo and Horsman Triumphs1921-1928£17-00
The Models R and IR1922-1927£15-00
The Model LS1924-1927£13-00
The Models P, Q and QA-11925-1927£18-00
The Models N, NP and QA-21927-1928£15-00
The Models TT and ST1927-1929£15-00
The Models W de Luxe, W and WS1927-1930£15-00
The Models N de Luxe and NL1928-1929£15-00
The Two Models NSD and the Model ND1928-1933£15-00
The Models CO, RT and CTT1929-1931£15-00
The Models CN and CSD (and German T4)1929-1932£16-00
The Models X, Z, Gloria, XO and XV/11930-1934£15-00
The Models WO, WA, WP and WL1931-1933£18-00
The Models NM and NT, CA and CD1931-1933£16-00
The Silent Scout Models A, B and BS1932-1934£16-00
The Val Page Models1934-1936£18-00
Triumph's Lost Records1901-1939£20-00

Typical Contents of a Booklet
Model Years
Brief Details
Listed Prices
Identification Features/Variations by year
Background to the Model
Specific Known Sales/Users
Competition Successes
Production Figures
Patent Numbers
Electrical Wiring Diagram
Known Problems
Owner Tips
Spares Sources
Performance Figures
Machine Record
Surviving Machines and Research Information
About the Author

Reviews and Feedback Comments
Review from the Old Bike Mart in May? 2001 on the first (Silent Scouts) booklet -
"Paperback published by the author at 9 Strachan Place, Rangoria, New Zealand. Price £6.00 airmailed, 28pp 210mm x 148mm Portrait 29 illustrations black and white. Peter Cornelius is the Club's Triumph Marque Specialist for Triumph motor cycles produced between 1920 and 1933. This is the first of a series of booklets intended to cover the whole range of Triumphs produced within Peter's remit as Marque Specialist. The booklet covers the Triumph Silent Scout Models A, B and BS produced between 1932 and 1934, embracing model years, brief specification details of models, prices, identification features, pictures of the complete motor cycle models, background and general technical data. Going on from the basics, Peter looks at the technicalities of the three models, general maintenance information owners' hints, spares sources, operating controls and available literature. Performance figures tell you what you should be able to achieve with a well maintained machine in good condition and there's a wiring diagram to help sort out the electrics. Available literature is also featured, making this little publication a pretty comprehensive production for its price, especially since it's a "home-brew". For anyone who has a Silent Scout, I would recommend it. For that price and details, you can't go wrong."

Feedback from owners - (Just a few of many received.)
"Having done minor research myself, and struggled, I'm greatly impressed by the wealth of detail. You deserve a gold medal." (Model SD and TT booklets)
"The book is superb, very interesting and plenty of detail, which is what we are looking for, it will be an enormous help during the rebuild." (Model CO. Eire)
"I have read twice already in order to absorb the detail and I congratulate you on the fine results of your effort. I am more than satisfied with the wealth of data and detail contained therein." (Model XO)
"The level of detail, reflecting the research that went into them, is truly impressive. The story of Triumph's works racing effort makes for a fascinating read. I have really enjoyed both of these booklets and I feel much better equipped now to make an informed offer, should anyone give me first refusal on a 1927 Model TT or a 1934 Silent Scout BS!"
(Racing Years and Silent Scouts)
"Many thanks for the SD Booklet, and congratulations on a first class job. It answers just about all the questions I had regarding the SD in general, with the technical insights so vital when 'playing' with these old bikes. Put me down for the Model H booklet when it's ready please." (Model SD)
"I found your 'P' series book to be an excellent publication and really appreciate the effort you have put into it." (Model P)
"Many thanks for the H Booklet - I think you have got it just right, the technical with the background info, along with the ability to make a "good read". Congratulations. (Models H and SD)
"I received your excellent booklet, full of information that anyone restoring a Triumph would need." (Model N)
"I am delighted with your book. It has obviously taken much work and research on your part but the result is well worth it. (Model P)
"Your book is very good. You must have spent a long time accumulating that knowledge." (Model TT)
"Countless thanks for the "Little Blue Book", I can see it becoming a bit of a "Bible". (Model P)
"Many thanks for the booklets. They are most interesting and contain much useful information." (Models H, SD and P. These three ordered after seeing a Model SD booklet.)
"I received your excellent book last week." (Models CO/CTT)
"Just thought I'd say a BIG thank you for the TT booklet. It was just the ticket. (Model TT)
"The quality of their books is great, reading and from the illustrations I managed to understand as it works for oil pump. The work that you this accomplishing is admirable, an example to everybody who has passion for old bikes."
(Brazil. Model TT and The Racing Years)
"I think you have done a mighty job on the booklet and it has proved invaluable. (Australia, N de Luxe)
"I have thoroughly enjoyed your ‘Fact’ book on the NT and have decided that I would like to purchase a full set."
(Models NT/CD)
"Just a brief note to confirm receipt of your two excellent booklets. What a pleasant surprise." (Complimentary copy of The Early Years to Minerva Specialist, Derek Foxton, who had supplied me with early Minerva and JAP information and pictures.) And later ...
"Perhaps you want some very brief comments about your excellent booklet. It seems that you are a rare animal in wanting everything 100% accurate. Well done."
"I don't know if I thanked you for the book. It's really good and a very valuable reference. Lots of things I didn't know." (Model W)
"I have now read the book on the N de luxe and NL models. I feel I know a lot more about the bike. Thanks for all the useful tips. If only someone would do a book like this on Sunbeams." (Model NL, Australia)
"I have now received your booklets with many good informations I have not seen published in other places before."
(Model NT. Denmark)
"All booklets safely received, many thanks. I have only had a brief perusal so far but they look like a real treasure trove." (Early Models and Model X)
"I have received your booklets part 1 and 2 covering the Early Triumph models and found them extremely interesting. Once again, thanks for the booklets, which I found difficult to put down when I received them, such was the amount of information they contained. (Early Models)
"1928-1933 booklet received this week - thank you very much. Tried to read it a section at a time, i.e. in an orderly manner but once started I could not put it down! (Model ND)
"Thank you, for sending me your booklets 'The Early Years' parts 1 and 2. I enjoyed reading them through a very wet Bank Holiday Weekend. Since then the Model H book has arrived. I think they might become addictive, I can see myself ordering others before long. There's a tremendous amount of information in them, you must have done a very great deal of research over many years and I'm pleased that you are prepared to share it with the rest of us. Too much information has been lost already. It is just what is needed, to get all this information gathered together in one place. What a task you have set yourself." (The Early Years. Registrar for the Sunbeam Club - Pioneer Register.)
"Received your booklet yesterday, thanks a lot, interesting reading indeed. (Sweden, Model WS.)
"I have received your booklets, and after reading them a couple of times I got excited enough to grab some grit paper." (Model QA1/N, Australia)
"Peter the booklet was great." (Model N, USA)
"Very informative. Will be a great help with the restoration." (Model TT)
"Fascinating reading, the booklets! It must have been an enormous task, my compliments."
(The Early Years and Model LS, Holland)
"I have found your book very useful and helped me greatly in my understanding of veteran Triumphs, I don't know why it hasn't been done before! I like the differences between the years... (The Early Years)
"Got the books. Thank you very much. I am very impressed with them, great detail." (Australia, Model H)
"I have obtained your email address from your "The Facts" 1901-1915 Part 1 and 2 books which are on loan to me from a friend. They are a fantastic read!" (Early Years)
"I think the LW (Triumph Baby) booklet is great." (VMCC Triumph pre-1920 Specialist
and long-time owner of a Model LW)

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