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I can identify the Model and date the manufacture of your pre-1941 Triumph motor cycle at the Coventry Triumph Works, probably to the month, but certainly to the year.

If you require specific information on any model such as parts assembly, missing component identification (I am not a spare parts dealer), painting details, performance expectations, etc., etc., I can help via e-mail. There is no charge for this service. All I request is details of your machine/s and numbered spare parts to assist with my continuing researches.

The Triumph build records were lost on the night of 14th November 1940 when the Triumph Works were destroyed in one of the heaviest World War 2 air attacks on Coventry. I am attempting to replace those records with, as accurate as possible, monthly production figures for each model which Triumph manufactured from 1901 to 1940.
I have added a "Triumph's Lost Records" booklet to my "Facts" series with my findings to date, but these figures are still being refined for greater accuracy as new details are passed to me.

Thus all the information I have, in order to be able to help you, is the result of personal research, which was started over 35 years ago when still resident in Britain. To be able to make my `build records' as accurate as possible, and improve my service to you, I require as much data as possible on surviving machines and numbered spare parts (engines, frames and gear boxes) - remember to include any letters before and/or after the engine number on the crankcase.

Due to vast and repeated spamming I have had to remove access to the pages where machine details or queries could be entered. Therefore please send details direct to me at cornelius(at)
(The (at) appears in order to avoid further spamming, but you know what to replace it with!)

All information is kept in the strictest of confidentiality, and any requests for contact with fellow owners will only be handled via myself.

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